Daydream like a Fucking Badass

Daydream like a Fucking Badass

Forget what your teachers, parents, coaches and government told you:

Daydreaming is awesome. Don’t pay attention – the world will still be here when you get back.

Are there times to focus? Absolutely. And if you don’t focus when you need to, life and happiness will evaporate.

But if you never daydream? Or – worse – if you daydream like a rookie?

Forget about it.

If you’re going to follow your imagination, don’t be an amateur.

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How to Suck at Marketing and Get Clients Anyway

How to Suck at Marketing and Get Clients Anyway

What if you had to write a ten-page sales letter, one that would turn readers into clients? If you have a copywriting background, you’d shrug and get cracking. If you don’t, though, that can be a smidge intimidating.

But what if I changed the rules?

How intimidated would you be if I told you to write one line?

That’s it. One short, snappy, line.

It doesn’t even need to be a full sentence.

And all it has to do is convince people to keep reading.

You can take an hour to write this line. Or a day, or a week.

Take months if you need.

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The Trivial Way to Hack and Reprogram Your Unconscious

The Trivial Way to Hack and Reprogram Your Unconscious

Your unconscious is outside your awareness, but it’s not outside your control. It’s a strange quirk of psychology that most of our minds are invisible to us. Even stranger is how easy it is to influence our inner black boxes.

But it’s not as simple as thinking thoughts and hoping they’ll stick. We’ve all had moments when we’ve consciously decided to do something – hit the gym, eat a vegetable, be more present – only for it to not happen.

In other words, not all conscious thoughts influence your unconscious.

If you want to lead a different life, the art of unconscious reprogramming is worth knowing. Change comes quickly and easily when it reaches your unconscious mind.

In fact, think about how you were ten or 20 years ago. Most of the problems that plagued you are nothing to you now.

You’ve grown, changed and become stronger since then.

And most of those changes happened outside your awareness. You simply woke up one day and realised you’d been free of the problem for a while.

Or maybe you’re just realising it now…

Some of those changes, though, you were consciously aware of. You wanted them, so you thought about them. Maybe you took steps to fix things and, to your delight, these steps worked.

You have already reprogrammed your unconscious. It’s simply a question of how.

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Hypnosis Clients Don’t Care About Hypnosis

Hypnosis Clients Don’t Care About Hypnosis

When you describe what you offer, what should you focus on?

That’s a question you need to answer before you write about your products and services. Whether you’re using a sales letter (long, persuasive webpages that lead towards a sale) or squeeze pages (similar idea, only shorter and with no other links).

Because if you write in a way that potential clients don’t like, then you’re fighting uphill.

The ideal sales letter is not like every other marketing message your client reads. It’s something that they can’t forget about and won’t leave.

If their phone buzzes, they’ll ignore it so they can finish reading.

You may have experienced this yourself – an advertisement of some form that’s simply perfect for you. The product or service is exactly what you need, and the deal is right. It’s a no-brainer to buy.

What wizardry infuses ads like these?

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Why Hypnotic Resistance is Nothing to Brag About

Why Hypnotic Resistance is Nothing to Brag About

I like to think of certain activities as hypnotic habits. These actions, when done regularly, leave you more open to hypnotic experiences.

It gives the process a little boost, whether you’re the hypnotist or subject.

If you do these regularly, it can make you hypnotic… whether or not you intend to be. Even if you don’t have an inch of training.

And it works the other way. Someone hypnotising you will be able to send you into deeper trances more easily.

Some of you might be wondering why on Earth you’d want this. I know, because you’ve bragged to me about how resistant to hypnosis you are. You’re tough, strong and always in control.

Strength is a virtue. But being “too mentally strong” to be hypnotised is nothing to brag about. It doesn’t even make sense.

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The Principal Skinner Guide to Web Design

The Principal Skinner Guide to Web Design

If you’re designing a website for a hypnosis business, you should take inspiration from Principal Skinner. As any fan of The Simpsons can tell you, Skinner is an uptight, rules-loving bureaucrat. His career highlight was making the school so monotonous that the students blinked in unison.

You don’t want to strip all life, creativity and fun out of your website. So surely you should do the opposite of what Skinner would do, right?

Not necessarily.

When used correctly, blandness is one of the most important things your website could have.

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What It’s Like to be More Unconscious

What It’s Like to be More Unconscious

When you embrace hypnotic habits, something interesting starts to happen. In many ways, it’s the ultimate benefit. Every other good things that happens to you is a subset of this, overshadowed by this change to your being.

The more in tune with your unconscious you become, the more easily you create peak experiences.

Most people have experienced moments where their brains just worked. For a short while – maybe hours, maybe a few seconds – your abilities leap to a whole new level.

It might be while giving an important presentation, and suddenly you become charismatic, confident and engaging.

You might be playing a sport and everything clicks.

It could happen when you’re writing. Your fingers punch out the words in rapid fire and, when you’re done, you’re amazed by what’s in front of you.

It happens with parents who suddenly know exactly what to say to help their child.

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You Might Be an Ericksonian Hypnotist, But Your Website Isn’t

You Might Be an Ericksonian Hypnotist, But Your Website Isn’t

Never design your website’s homepage without thinking about your clients. What are they doing? How are they feeling? Why are they visiting your site in the first place?

A lot of people decide they want to see a hypnotist and start Googling. It doesn’t take them long to find your business’ website.

Then what do they do?

They start looking for reasons to eliminate you. Their cursor practically hovers over the X that closes the tab. Why? Because when they found your site, they also found others. Maybe dozens of them. They are going to cull the list and they will be ruthless.

So don’t give them a reason to eliminate you.

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The Best Mind Expanding, Consciousness Altering Disciplines on Earth

The Best Mind Expanding, Consciousness Altering Disciplines on Earth

If you want to become smarter, faster, healthier, emotionally balanced, more intuitive and just all-round better at life, what do you do?

Why, you upgrade your brain, of course.

You might think of your brain as being a fixed thing that you’re stuck with. That’s not the case. It might be harder to upgrade your brain than to upgrade your computer…

But at least it’s cheaper.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had to solve complex problems in a chaotic world. From the jungles to the deserts, we lived in environments that both nurtured us and challenged us. These were different problems to what we face today, and none of our favourite tools were around.

The scientific method helps you peel back universal laws, but those don’t help a hunter-gatherer. They need to know how to catch their prey, avoid their predators and defeat their rivals. They couldn’t form big institutions or commission studies.

All they had to use were their minds. With necessity driving invention, they created techniques to use their minds in new ways.

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The “My Friend John” of Your Hypnosis Business

The “My Friend John” of Your Hypnosis Business

The My Friend John technique is a thing of beauty. It shows how creative you can be with the hypnotic process.

If you want to hypnotise someone, one way is to describe “your friend’s” experience. You talk about how they didn’t know what to expect at first but quickly began to relax, a sense of peace spreading through their body…

It’s sublime, subtle and something out of fantasy. Like a demon that can be controlled by its name, you can invoke hypnosis simply by describing it.

You can’t listen to a story without beginning to live it. If someone tells you about their trip to the dentist, you can see yourself in the waiting room.

Even if you’ve never been to their dentist, you can imagine what it might have been like.

So when you hear a story that’s rich with hypnotic language that describes someone going into trance, it’s hard to resist.

It’s a beautiful induction.

And it’s something you can use to build your business.

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