Why hypnosis is better than caffeine

I don’t need to tell you that feeling tired is rough. It affects everything you are, including your judgement and willpower. In theory, going to bed early should be easy when you’re exhausted. And yet, it’s somehow easy to stay up to surf the web or binge-watch TV.

It’s easy to trap yourself in a destructive cycle. Not all such cycles are extreme enough to ruin your life. Some are subtle enough to undermine everything just a little.

When you’re tired, it’s hard to work. It’s even hard to relax. The little things, like grocery shopping, and the big things, like rethinking your life, become even more challenging. You can be so run down that it’s hard to do anything. Or hard to do nothing.

So, what do you do when you need an energy hit? Most people reach for the world’s most popular drug: caffeine. I’m not going to say that caffeine doesn’t work. It obviously does. I’m not going to say that it’s harmful. All stimulants allow you to wear your body and mind out – but short of chronic abuse, there’s nothing wrong with it.

No, my complaint with caffeine is that it’s inefficient.

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Using Hypnosis to Enhance Your Senses

Is it possible to enhance your senses (or even add new ones) through hypnosis? It sounds like I’m talking about superpowers – many heroes and villains have eagle eyes and lupine hearing. In a way, I am. But it’s not a superpower if it’s real. This is about sharpening your perception. And maybe even expanding it.

This sounds like science fiction. So much of what I’m alluding to seems to leave reality behind. If you asked most people if mind training could enhance their senses, they’d say no. Maybe you’re sceptical too.

In that case, let’s start with sensible, no-nonsense techniques that you can begin to use right now.

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Left brain and right brain hypnosis

I’m going to do something foolish: I’m going to talk about the left hemisphere of the brain. Why is this risky? Well, if you go out into the world, you’ll find people who describe themselves as left brain dominant or right brain thinkers.

Then you find people who sneer at the first group, saying that the left-brain-right-brain thing is a myth.

It is a myth.

And it isn’t.

People aren’t dominant in one half over the other. If you’re creative, then you use both sides of the brain. If you’re analytical, it’s the same story. Any category of mental tasks, like language processing or perception, uses both hemispheres. They work together.

But a car’s engine and wheels work together to get you somewhere. You wouldn’t call them the same thing, though.

It’s a mistake to say that only the right hemisphere is creative. It’s also a mistake to say that the two hemispheres are identical. When you think, you use your entire brain…

Though you use each half in different ways.

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No Right Time, No Wrong Steps

If you’re like most people, you dream of a better life. There’s an idea percolating in your mind that yearns to see the light. It wants to be realised. And there’s one thing you’re sure of – it will keep bugging you until you pursue it.

But you have doubts. You’re putting it off. It’s not the right time. You want to wait until you have more money, skills or spare time. I get it. It pays to calculate, especially when we’re talking about life changing decisions.

On the other hand, you’re worried that you’re making excuses. Are you preparing to follow your dreams, or putting it off? One is sensible; the other, tragic.

What do you do? Your inner mind pushes you towards a greater life. Your inner mind also slams on the brakes, filling you with doubts and hesitations. Consciously, you know you want this. Unconsciously, though, there’s conflict.

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Looking For Your Purpose? Think Until It Hurts.

When something affects young men and middle-aged mothers in droves, you know it matters. It affects successful businesspeople, retirees and students. It crosses age gaps, genders, ethnic groups and professions. This simple question haunts the psyche of the human species.

What’s my purpose in life?

This question looms when you are feeling stuck. There’s no telling when it might come to haunt your thoughts. You could have everything – career, spouse, kids – or nothing.

Not knowing what your purpose is taints your every experience. After all, if you’re not fulfilling your destiny or living up to your potential, then why does it matter? Living your life can feel as though you’re going through the motions. Read More

The Myth of the Strong-Willed Subject

It’s 2018. So many things are still here, against the odds. Social inequality should have vanished by now. I’d happily see certain fast food chains retire gracefully into history. Then there’s the idea that someone can be too strong-willed to be hypnotised.

That doesn’t even make sense. It’s like saying you’re too purple to run aquatically. Your strength of will – whatever that means – has nothing to do with hypnotic susceptibility.

And I have news for you: if you were unable to be hypnotised, that’s not something you’d brag about. Just the opposite, in fact. Read More

How hypnosis works with memory

It’s no surprise that hypnosis can influence memory. After all, hypnosis connects to your unconscious mind – the same part of you that stores and accesses memories.

But it’s not enough to say that hypnosis influences memory. How does it work? What can we use it for? Those are better questions. And those questions have great answers. Working with memory can heal trauma, fight crime, accelerate learning (by helping you forget what you learn) and slow ageing (physically as well as mentally).

Hypnosis influences memory in different ways. Here are a few examples – keeping in mind that these categories have fluid boundaries between them. Read More

How to Properly Use Hypnosis Scripts

How to Properly Use Hypnosis Scripts

The topic of hypnosis scripts stirs up controversy in the community. Some people love them and recommend using a script often. Others detest them and say that you should avoid them as if they were radioactive. I don’t agree with either perspective. Hypnosis scripts are incredibly valuable… but only if you use them right. Read More

When you want to share shiny new thoughts

Expanding your consciousness is a fascinating experience. It’s worth it; anyone will tell you that. But the path to enlightenment – whatever that means and however you do it – has its own unique issues. Whether you use hypnosis, private meditation, silent retreats or other approaches, there are things that other people don’t get.

Everyone’s mind expands. Sometimes it’s the steady accumulation of wisdom. Other times it’s from a hardware boost. I still remember (or at least I think I do) how much better my mind worked after a puberty-fuelled growth spurt. It was like suddenly becoming a genius.

But most people don’t notice these or the experiences are muddied. I think when the improvements are spontaneous, it’s hard to appreciate. When you work hard to train your mind, though, you catch any benefit you create.

Many people transform their conscious experience. When we describe it, we use metaphors (because our language doesn’t capture it very well). We say things like we’re seeing for the first time or a veil has lifted. This kind of, but not really, conveys what we mean. Read More

Act When Action Is Required

It’s been years since I’ve touched a tennis racquet. I still remember, though, an experience that stays with me. I didn’t know hypnosis at the time. Meditation? Sure, I dabbled back then. Knowing what I know now, that experience taught me a lot about the link between thinking and action.

About twelve years ago, I was playing tennis with someone I knew. We both belonged to the same club. We weren’t friends us such but we were friendly. She was a pretty good player – more experienced than I was, though not as willing to take risks on the court. On balance, her expertise flattened my foolhardiness most of the time.

This game wasn’t for anything. It’s not like we were keeping score. This was practice. Just hitting the ball back and forth until someone made a mistake.

I was playing my usual sort of game. A few short rallies punctuated by awkward shots. You know the feeling when 80% of what you’re doing is fine, while the rest is a clumsy mess? Well, that’s why I was practising. That pesky 20%.

Then something clicked. Read More

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