How patience creates power

How patience creates power

If it feels as though the world is getting faster… well, it probably is. Some people don’t seem to know how to stop. Others are scrambling to keep their edge. When everyone around you is moving at Mach 3, it’s hard to not get sucked into the frenzy.

But frenzies are worth avoiding.

Most people seem to assume the more they get done, the better their results. If the internet and smartphones are productivity multipliers, then why not? If you slow down, then someone will overtake you.


I could be accused of acting like this. After all, I publish 12 articles a week minimum. That’s hardly the output of a stoner.

But I’m not scrambling.

Firstly, it doesn’t take me long to write these – call it 15 minutes or so per article. I could easily ramp up my writing (and I intend to).

Secondly, I enjoy it. I’m not under the pump to get these out – writing is part of my morning meditations.

Because here’s the trap people fall into:

If you want to make an impact and have people respect you, productivity helps. You need to get things done, absolutely.

But truly powerful people aren’t rushed.

Think of two apes in the zoo. One is twitchy and skittish, running from tree to tree and jumping at every shadow.

The other makes slow, deliberate movements.

Which of these two has the power?

Which is just a lackey, a minion, a low status chump of a chimp?

If someone is working at full capacity all the time, maybe they’re incompetent. Or maybe they serve a demanding master.

Someone who gets things done with time and energy to spare…

Well, that’s a leader.

This is why patience matters. Patience with actions, with thoughts, with words, with plans. The faster everyone else moves, the more powerful stillness becomes.

And this is why most people at the top of their fields incorporate stillness into their day.

If you’re ready for people to notice you, then this is the formula:

Buy Your Mind Inside.

Experiment with all of the meditation approaches.

Read the parts about getting unstuck – because everyone gets stuck when it comes to meditation.

Practice daily.

It pays off if you put a little work in. And if you’ve put the work in before but got no results, then you didn’t have a guide like this.

Here’s the link:

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