How much patience do you need to rush?

It takes an awful lot of patience to take things slow.

To simply breathe, relax and focus.

Making each move deliberate, controlled and precise.

That’s all common sense.

But how much patience does it take to move quickly?


Even impulsively?

Surely less…

Unless you remember how much time and effort it takes to be able to move quickly. A toddler isn’t able to leap to their feet and dash into action. They don’t have the skill.

There are a couple of relevant expressions here:

“More haste, less speed.”

“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”

The idea is simple:

Move with patience now so you can move without it later.

Otherwise your impulsiveness only causes you to trip over your own feet.

Here’s a skill that takes at least a little patience to get started. The more you learn it, though, the more patience you get in return.

I’ll keep this short, because who wants to read a long article?

(Irony, I know…)

Patience is like a superpower you can learn. To get more of it, you have two options:

The first is to check out the 8P System. The first P is patience, given how important it is. And to remove all obstacles, it won’t even cost you anything to download these hypnotic audios.

The second…

And much more powerful…

… is to mosey on over to Monster Mind Edukaré. If you want elite levels of patience, here’s where you should go:

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