What kind of sucker pays for nothing?

What kind of sucker pays for nothing?

This is going to sound like I’m bragging, but there’s no other way to tell this story. Early in my hypnosis training, I got great results with my practice partners. They were amazed by how easily and deeply they went into trance. The more experienced students complimented my skills all the time.

Was it because I’m awesome and naturally gifted?

I want to say yes, but that’s not the case. I was lucky and cottoned on to a helpful idea towards the start.

A common mistake for novice hypnotists (and quite a few non-novices) is talking too much. I learned early on if I didn’t know what to say, I should say nothing. Let silence do the talking.

I took this to heart. At the start of my training, I was silent a lot.

Yet the more experience I gain, the more silent I become.

If you’re not trained in hypnosis, this might sound like a strange idea. Surely talking is more hypnotic than not talking? Silence – used well – gives your unconscious time to process information. There’s nothing I or anyone else can do that’s more hypnotic than your own internal experiences.

That’s why the hypnotic audios Awakened Thought members access have plenty of silence. Some of the audios have a quarter of the track – if not more – with nothing but silence. Not even background sounds or anything.

Ridiculous, right? You can listen to nothing whenever you want.

You certainly shouldn’t pay for the privilege.

Sure, the audios have smooth inductions that guide you gently into trance. And they have suggestions and exercises to remove obstacles and build resources. Then I suppose they make everything stick before guiding you back out.

But paying for silence?

That’s for chumps.

You’re too smart to go to this site right now and listen to all the ways silence can improve your life:


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