Pay me back by taking even more

As I keep mentioning this week, I have 48 hypnosis audios on my website for you to download.

No cost.

You don’t even need to give me your email address – simply go to the page and download them.

There is a (tiny, hard to find) PayPal donation button, if you’re feeling generous.

If you can’t spare it, though?

All I ask is you take even more of my hypnosis audios.

I put together the 8P System as a full product, taking you from where you are to where you want to be. It works on eight areas of your life. With disciplined listening, it can transform the way you handle everything.

And I offer the System to anyone who signs up to my email list.

So, want to pay me back but can’t afford to?

Simply sign up to my email list and – here’s the crucial part – listen to the 8P System. Apply it. Listen to each track until you’ve gotten all you can from it.

That’s all I ask for, if that’s all you can give me.


Apart from my genuine desire to help you…

You, walking around as a stronger, healthier, whole person is the best advertising for me.

Marketers are wrong – word of mouth is great, but we all know our friends lie. It’s when you see the results that you really listen to what they say.

Living better is the best advertising there is.

So be a beacon in the world.

Guide folk towards their best selves…

And let them come to me.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) wins.

Meanwhile, here’s the link to my free, no-opt-in hypnotic guided meditations:

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