Turn your back on “peasant-tier” visualisations

If you’ve spent any time around sports psychologists, self-help authors or anyone who’s quite zen about the universe, you’ve probably heard of visualisations.

It’s a simple enough idea. Vividly imagine what you want and you’re more likely to get it.

And it works. You might think self-help authors are full of it but, trust me, sports psychs don’t mess around. If it doesn’t get results, they drop it faster than a quarterback with two left thumbs.

And yet…

There’s a subtlety to visualisations.

A key ingredient that, without this, renders the entire exercise pointless. It’s little more than idle daydreaming at that point.

You could call these peasant-tier visualisations – and they’re what most folk end up doing.

The thing is that many (maybe most?) guides on visualisations don’t mention this.

Or if they do, they skim over it. They think of it as icing, not realising it’s the entire bakery.

Quite a few folk manage to figure out this X factor without being told. But, even then, they often underestimate its importance. They can drop it from the practice, then wonder why it stopped working.

It doesn’t have to go this way for you, though.

Imagine taking any downtime – queueing, waiting, sitting through a meeting – and using it to train. You can inspire yourself, hone your skills, explore possible futures, or simply kick back and enjoy some surreal landscapes.

Because in Unlock the Vault (module 16 of 19 from Monster Mind Edukaré) I’ll train you how to do this, putting you in the small group of folk who can make visualisations work.

These are warrior-tier visualisations – a cut above what the unwashed and untrained peasants manage.

And then I take it further.

Making your visualisations so real that your body can’t tell the difference.

Think you can’t become stronger and better coordinated by sitting around and daydreaming?

Think again…

Forget operating like a warrior – master this and you reach superhero status.

That incredible skill, and hundreds like it, await on the other side of this link:


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