Are you actually into personal development?

Are you actually into personal development?

It seems to me there are three kinds of people. There are those who’ve settled. They either don’t think they can change or they don’t want to. I don’t know what it’s like to think that – I haven’t yet – but it must be frustrating to think you’re at your limits already.

Then there are those who say they’re into personal development. They want to improve, so they add little things into their lives. Maybe a new hobby once a year. Perhaps they dabble in exercise, meditation, art or some other endeavour of the mind.

Now, I love these people. The fact they seek something greater is amazing and worth respecting.

The problem is I’m not one of them.

The third group – people who genuinely want to improve – are driven. We have a purpose. We want to transform, not just improve. When we find a discipline that helps us – whether it’s mind training, art or whatever – we’re not satisfied until we master it.

You can spot us. We’re the ones who don’t just learn something – we try to reinvent it.

That’s what I did with meditation – right from the start, I was blending disciplines and trying new approaches.

It’s what I do with hypnosis too. And writing. And everything else that matters to me.

Let me tell you:

If you’re just reading books, taking the occasional course and looking to refine your life…

You’re holding yourself back. Change a little every day, with your eyes locked on a grand, epic goal, and you’ll revolutionise yourself.

Think bigger than you are.

Really seek to be better. Because you can be better than you dare to even dream.

It takes vision and small steps in the right direction.

And it doesn’t get much simpler than listening to a hypnotic guided meditation every day. Especially when you can access a library like this:

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