What’s The Opposite Of Petty Jealousy?

To take a detour from our self-improvement journey, take a moment to imagine someone… well, someone you’re not aspiring to become.

Someone seething with bitterness, resentment and jealousy.

Someone who hates the success of others and wants nothing more than to tear them down.

Pop quiz for ya:

Is this person happy, do you reckon?

You don’t know anything else about them, but one thing you can bet solid coin on – they ain’t happy.

And they ain’t improving much either.

It’s a funny quirk of human nature. Spend your time tearing other folk down, and all you really do is undermine yourself. My theory? Your unconscious learns how to treat you based on how you treat others. Look for flaws everywhere and it’ll find them inside you.

That’s the curse of petty jealousy – it makes you weaker over time.

Not fun for anyone.

So here’s an alternative approach.

What if, instead, you looked for the good, the virtuous and the successful in others?

What if you took a moment to admire someone’s achievements?

Instead of cursing and muttering how they got there through luck, how would things change if you chose to admire them instead?

Because you can celebrate the success of others. You can admire them when they get what you want.

The benefits of this are clear.

On a surface level, you become much happier. Instead of tying yourself up in knots of resentment, you smile, shrug and move on.

Also, if you ever meet this person, they’ll pick up on it. If you’re bitter, they’ll probably run the other way. If you’re genuinely happy for them, they might spend some time with you. Maybe even give you some assistance.

But the real benefits run much deeper.

It trains your mind that the successful person is in a desirable situation. What they have is what you want.

And when you start to do this, you change from the inside-out.

It’s a strange thing, but soon you begin to see opportunities you would have missed otherwise. You spot something and some quality of it reminds you of what you admire.

So you move towards it.

You explore it.

And suddenly it becomes a big and interesting thing.

Exactly what this looks like depends on you, your circumstances, what success looks like and a hundred other factors.

But you’ll know it when you see it.

In fact, you’ll struggle to ignore it.

Celebrating the success of others attunes your inner mind to it. Once that happens, it’s weird how “lucky” you suddenly become.

So that’s one way to enhance your life.

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