Fall of the petty losers

Frivolous lawsuits.

It’d be so easy to say we should ban them. Get rid of them. Make it a felony to file one.


Well, judges already throw out frivolous lawsuits. Sometimes. Kinda.

It’s not always such a clear distinction. If someone cuts corners, lies about it and causes someone to get hurt, they should cough up. If someone fails to label toothpicks with a warning to keep them from your eyes… that’s not anything.

Anyway, I don’t think I need to belabour the point. You get it. Rewarding someone for their own stupidity – and punishing someone innocent – is a terrible thing.

Some folks are petty losers, happy to burn down a bakery to steal a loaf of bread.

Make no mistake – fighting this one means going up against the greed and selfishness of stupid people. Buckle up, because it’s one hell of a fight.

Because, sure, you can make money by exploiting the legal system.

Or you could earn money and fame, while keeping your dignity intact, with a smarter play.

Instead of making someone else the victim of your greed, why not use it to build yourself a business?

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