If you pickpocket my notepad, here’s what you’ll find

I carry a pocket notepad and pen wherever I go.

It contains not only my schedule, but whatever ideas come to me during the day.

“Ever hear of a smartphone?”

Sure, I have one of those. I can make better notes, faster, with pen and paper though. Taking voice memos would annoy me (and my colleagues) and tap-tap-typing away is slow and inconvenient. Sometimes I put my ideas in an email to myself – by the time I open up a new email, I could have made the note already.

If you relieved me of my notepad right now, you’d see a lot of scribbles about creativity.

It’s what I’ve been thinking about and studying recently. Everyone from ancient prophets to modern neuroscientists has pondered this mysterious mental force that creates new ideas.

There’s a lot we don’t know about it, obviously.

But there’s a lot we do. And reading about what we know – and applying it – has made me see things in a new light.

For example:

My Neural Resets. It turns out I’ve been underusing them.

See, creative insights and flashes of intuition were often side effects of it. You would close your eyes, breathe, relax deeper than when you sleep… and in that state, your mind is free to create.

The point of the Neural Reset was to put you in a deep meditative state, whether you can meditate or not.

Now, I see how with a slight change, it can supercharge your creativity too – not as a side effect, but as a feature.

I’m making that change, as of now.

And I’m bumping up the price of each session, as of next week. That’s only reasonable, since you’ll get more out of it.

If you’ve been thinking about experiencing the deep, cleansing state of the Neural Reset, jump on now. You’ll get the new and improved process at the old price.

Check out my schedule here:


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