Playing “the floor is lava” in adult mode

It’s a classic kids’ game: pretend the floor is lava and you can’t stand on it.

Depending on the density and integrity of your furniture, it can be a lot of fun. Hopping from the couch to the coffee table, never daring to touch the ground…

(Or get caught by your guardians…)

That’s one of the games we shouldn’t have grown out of. Getting ready each morning would be much more fun if you had to throw pillows across the room to make a stepping stone bridge.

Oh well.

It’s a shame because, as we grow up, we start playing that game by different rules.

Instead of the floor being lava, certain thoughts became toxic.

You weren’t allowed to think them.

You weren’t even allowed to admit they’re there.

And I’m not talking about social censorship either, although that doesn’t help. It’s hard to think certain thoughts when everyone, from your friends to popular culture, says it’s wrong.

I’m talking about something deeper.

These are thoughts so buried you’ve forgotten they’re still there. But they haven’t forgotten you. Like scar tissue forming around a wound, your mind develops defences against thoughts like this.

What are these thoughts?

Freud would tell you they’re all dark, violent, savage impulses. Maybe some of them are. In my experience, most are thoughts or memories too painful to face.

So you don’t face them.

But the pain still lingers.

You can improve and grow a lot as a person without ever touching this stuff. The truly superhuman folk you know – the ones with intense charisma, deep focus and a genuine love for other people – have faced these thoughts one way or another.

I won’t teach you how to do the same.

But I will prep your mind so it’s strong enough to handle it when you do.

Because the funny this is once you’re strong enough to face it, it arises on its own. Better that than forcing it before you’re ready.

So get prepping now and you might just clear the lava from your mind.

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