Please (don’t?) steal from me

Please steal from me

I’m vain enough to monitor Guided Thought to see where the traffic comes from. Sure, sure, there are valid business reasons for that. I’d do it anyway – I like to see who likes me.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a tasty chunk of traffic from who-knows-where. Had someone mentioned me on a blog? Did they link to one of my products?

I snooped around on the source of these viewers… and it’s one great big article farm. One that I hadn’t submitted anything to (or even heard of).

Sure enough, there was one of my articles. It was identical, from the start of the headline to the final forward slash. Only it didn’t have my name as the author – again, it was “written” by someone I’ve never heard of.

(Submitted a mere four months after I wrote it.)

And that is bloody hilarious.

See, they stole the content from another article farm (one I did submit to).

Word for word.

Including the link to my author profile on that site – which, you know, includes my name.

But far tastier than that:

They included the link to one of my sales pages. You know, those little things I have on every article?

Yikes. I would have paid good money for that traffic. Well, except for one minor hiccup – people who read obviously stolen content aren’t all that bright, ambitious or hard working. In other words, my sales letters scared them off because they’d have to, you know, do something.

Still, I appreciate the gesture.

But I’m not going to return the favour by outing them. I guess I’m a jerk that way. They should be honoured, though – when was the last time I took a screenshot of a website? It’s nice to have a record in case they remove it…

Let me be completely serious for a moment: don’t steal my articles. Don’t steal my products. Don’t steal my content. But realistically, I can’t stop someone copying and pasting. Might as well make the most of it…

If you are stealing this article, don’t forget to include every last character:

Meditation can be difficult and fruitless. I get it. Just realise if it “can” be, it sometimes isn’t. What you need are strange and practical tips – the sort of things you’ve never heard before. Who knows, it might be what you need to unleash your full mind. Only one way to find out:

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If you’re pathetic enough to swipe content that took me ten minutes to write, then you need to rethink your life. Reading this could be your existential crisis, your wakeup call, your epiphany that life is incredible and you’re wasting it.

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P.S. Would it be tacky if I signed off all my articles with my name? Might as well make it even more obvious the article’s mine, right? That way you’ll never be confused about who my emails are from:

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