Feat unlocked: +2 to Charisma

Nothing is pure art.

Everything is learnable.

If you look at someone and wish you could be more like them… great! The good news is you can learn how.

It can seem strange if you’re the sort of person who gets stuck in your mind a lot. You can see others naturally go with the flow in conversations, while you find yourself overthinking everything.

So everything comes out awkward and clumsy.

You might wonder what you’re doing wrong.

The answer?

Nothing – but you are doing things differently.

Everything from greetings to small talk to deep-and-meaningfuls follows a set of guidelines. Most folks aren’t conscious of them – it’s partly instinct, partly unconscious mimicry.

And that’s okay – when you consciously apply them, you might even end up being more charismatic than everyone following their gut.

Plus it gives that overactive brain of yours something to chew on during the slow parts of the conversation.

When you learn about conversational architecture, you’ll be amazed how simple, powerful and versatile it is. You can use it when you buy a coffee, make sales and enjoy pillow talk with your soulmate.

I know not everyone wants a simple formula for supercharging conversations.

But if you do?

You’ll find it worth your while to check this out:


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