How to Practice the Ultimate Skill

If you want to take your self-improvement to the next level…

(And, you know, if you’re reading this then that’s likely…)

… then there’s one skill for you to learn first.

Why this one before anything else?

Well, there’s no rule which says you have to do it this way.

But if you do, it’ll save you a lot of bouncing around in the meantime.

Because it’s the skill of learning.

Because some folk take self-improvement all too casually.

They read a book once a month… but don’t do anything with it.

They go to the gym twice a week… without tracking their progress.

They play with language learning apps… and can’t form a single useful sentence.

If that’s your style, then you don’t have to learn how to best learn. You’re into growth for the fun of it, but not actual development.

For those of you who want to take this to the next level, you’re going to want to figure out how. Because you could waste a lot of time and energy on inefficient projects.

You might not going to want to hear this. It’s a harsh lesson in a way.

But you can’t assume you’re good enough at learning to achieve everything you want to.

Like everything else, learning is a skill. You might have some innate talent for it. Either way, if you don’t train it hard and smart, you’re not going to reach your potential.

So here’s how you learn better:

Start with what you want to know. Put boundaries on it. Do you want to learn a language? If so, which one? Do you want to be fluent – to be mistaken for a native speaker? Or do you just want to tour the country without relying on English?

Then you want to figure out why.

Maybe you’re curious about the topic.

Perhaps it’s something that’ll lead to a better job or a higher salary.

It could be you have a vision on how to change the world – if you have in your head the ultimate video game, then you’d better learn computer programming.

Once you know why, you move onto how.

How are you going to learn?

How are you going to practice? Because remember, learning isn’t about reading or listening. It’s about doing. It’s about getting your hands dirty, making mistakes and forging deep connections in your mind.

And how are you going to check your progress?

With practice exams, real world scenarios, jumping in the deep end…?

Then there’s what.

The day to day tasks that build the skill.

Following from your why to your how to your what, you create a roadmap for learning. Follow it and you can’t go too far wrong.

You can begin that simple self-improvement technique now.

And enjoy its benefits for the rest of your life.

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