Why everyone should praise Satan

Why everyone should praise Satan

Stop me if this becomes blasphemous.

Or maybe don’t. It’s almost Halloween, after all. A little bit of sacrilege is good for your soul.

When Lucifer was banished from heaven, he fell. He was an angel, and then he wasn’t. Wings clipped, halo revoked and nothing but an eternity of prodding bad folks to look forward to.

No one feels for Satan. Change the details and that story would create waves of sympathy, but there’s something about being the Prince of Darkness that turns people against you.

In a way, it’s for the best. After all, too much sympathy can be a bad thing.

People could talk about the poor Lightbringer. They could moan about how unfair it is he used to be an angel. The masses could fill books and sing songs about how cruel is his fate.

Honestly, if people hate the Devil, that’s exactly what they should do.

He had no one and nothing. Even his essence changed from angel to demon, from good to evil. Imagine waking up to find you’d lost your job, you have no friends and by the way you’re now a walrus. It would be so easy to attract pity.

No one pitied him, so he set out to be the best damn damner of souls he could be. He took the cosmos’ biggest lemon and made lemonade.

If people had cast him as the victim, it would have played out differently. He would have dwelled on what he lost, not what he had, and remained forever nothing but a fallen angel.

Come on, people. It’s basic psychology. If you want someone to rise, treat them as though they’re powerful. If you want to keep them down, act like they’re weak.

The best way to fight the Lord of Hell is to poke at his losses. Talk about how sad it must be to be in his position. Strip him of all ownership of the problem. Assume he’s not powerful or happy… but he would be with a better job, the right partner or millions of dollars.

There, I just fixed evil forever. You’re welcome. I won’t try to top that.

But I should mention my second greatest achievement: developing some pretty cool mind training. Having defeated evil, I now want to defeat fear. And it just so happens that this month’s training is all about acting in the face of it.

Each program ages off after a month, though, and it’s nearly time for something new. If you want to take more risks (the smart way), then you’d better get your hands on it now:


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