Pre-decriminalised altered states of consciousness

My experience with drugs is limited.

Unless you’re talking about alcohol, then it’s extensive.

The point is, I know lots of folks are excited by plant-based medicine, which is in various states of decriminalisation across the West.

I’m watching this space with curiosity.

But if it takes its time… or doesn’t get here at all…

… I’m not fussed.

There’s an easy alternative to plants if you want altered states of consciousness. This one comes pre-decriminalised for your convenience.

No waiting!

That’s what Trance Day 2021 is all about.

Think of all the things people say plant-based medicine will give you. Greater creativity, more perspective, sublime emotional experiences, resolving old emotional wounds, new thoughts and feelings…

All that with none of the crash, costs or chemicals.

Besides, isn’t it better to create these states with your own mind? If you could choose to feel focused and energised, would you ever drink coffee?

Something to think about.

Something else:

Trance Day 2021 looms ever closer.

Check out the details and sign up here:

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