Winter is here, price rise is coming

I’m about to make some changes to my business model.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a current client, not much. Anyone on a current program will stay on that program, except for when they score a few upgrades as bonuses. I’ve recently levelled up my skills – a lot – so I’m reinventing my approach to a few of my offerings.

With these changes, you’ll enjoy more changes in less time.

Especially with Threshold Coaching and Crossroads Training. If you’re not sure what to do with your life, but you know you aren’t doing it, then you could use some of this. I mean, the alternative is to wallow in indecisiveness and mediocrity, wasting your precious moments in this world – which is no alternative at all.

That is getting a juicy overhaul.

And with it, a pay bump.

When is that happening? Not sure. It might be tomorrow, it might be over the next week. It depends on a few things lining up.

That means your chance to grab it at the current price could vanish at any moment.

Most of the other programs will change prices too, but not as much as TCnCT.

Anxiety, smoking, stress – anything that holds you back can disappear like smoke, with the right guidance.

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