The problem with personal development

If there’s one thing yours truly loves, it’s personal development. Sometimes I’m satisfied, often I’m happy, but I’m always hungry for more.

I know that the person I’ll be in six years (or six months) is so incredible that I can’t wait to meet him.

I’ve spend thousands and travelled across the world for the promise of self-improvement.

What I’m saying is that I’m a fan.

And, my friend, I love studying. When it’s the right material presented the right way, I enjoy it. It’s a chore for most people, but it’s how I relax.

So you might wonder how many personal development courses I’m doing right now. And maybe I have some recommendations?

Well, it depends on what you mean by that. I’m learning real, concrete skills in my spare time. But if we limit the list to courses promising to double your brainpower, confidence, income…?

That’s easy.

I’m learning zero of them.

And there’s a darn good reason why I avoid these courses like they’re radioactive:

The bad ones bombard you with information. More information is not the answer. The human race has all the data it needs. Think of the last problem you solved. I doubt it was a data shortage issue.

The good ones give you exercises to do. A minority of those exercises actually help.

But they don’t help enough.

Essentially, these courses offer advice. That’s great, except advice doesn’t get you there. If you want personal growth, you need insights, hard work and vision. At best, advice smooths the path. It makes things easier, but rocky terrain won’t stop you.

The hard work comes from you. Insight and vision come from thinking about things in a different way. If your current level of thinking could solve things, it would have.

Which means you need a new way of thinking.

Something that only comes from an altered state of consciousness.

This – and only this – is what personal development looks like. If you want to grow without reshaping your mind, then good luck. The rest of us will remember you fondly.

But if you’re hungry to seize the reins of your cognition…

Well, there’s only one skill you need to master. Read all about it – and how to go from beginner to legend – here:

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