Procrastinating party people could consider cruising here in a hurry

If you’re going to a Halloween party tonight, then listen up: procrastination is not your friend. The clock is ticking on the $100 discount to Monster Mind Edukaré – everything you need to find and face your mind’s inner treasures. If you were thinking of buying it later, ‘later’ will be too late – and many of you’ll be riding the mother of all sugar highs, with the taste of chocolate on your tongue and buzzing in your brain.

If you’re reading this going “huh? Tonight? Halloween is tomorrow, doofus!” then I remind you of the existence of time zones.

The discount ends on Halloween – my Halloween – and Halloween ends sooner for me than many of you.

Either way…

Procrastinate at your peril.

If you want to tame or slay the monsters in your mind – those problematic thoughts that keep you from what you know you deserve – this contains everything you need.

I’ll never discount it this much again. In fact, the price of Monster Mind Edukaré will only rise in the future.

Buy it now and you can put it to one side, focus on your costume prep and really live it up.

Waiting is for suckers. Besides, your monsters have had free reign for far too long.

It’s time to break out the lance, shackles and boots – in your mind, hunting season is open.

Here’s the link:

P.S. You have about 14 hours from when I sent this until this discount vanishes. It’s not quite “last chance!” time yet, but it’s oh so soon. Be sure to follow the link.

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