What kind of idiot tells business professionals to play make-believe?

What kind of idiot tells business professionals to play make-believe?

This might be the dumbest thing I ever write. On the one hand, can it really be that bad if it’s good advice? On the other hand… yeah, no, this is really dumb.

And that’s excellent news. It means most people who read this won’t do it. If you do what I say here, you’ll be one of the chosen few who see dramatic improvements.

So, here it goes. This is the moment where I sacrifice my ego and dignity to share something amazing.

If you want to be a success in your sphere, then I officially recommend that you play make-believe.

“Oh, I get it,” some of you are thinking. “You’re talking about visualisations. Like how athletes imagine themselves at peak performance and winning championships. That’s not so bad.”

Ah, no, not quite.

Have you ever caught children dressing in their parents clothes, clomping around while pretending to visit the doctors? Or maybe they were in the garden, pretending to be kitty cats and fairies?

That’s playing make-believe.

And it might be what your career is missing.

“So… you want me to dress in my bosses clothes…? And pretend to order people around…?”

Goodness, no.

And stop interrupting.

A special trick turns this childlike whimsy into serious mental training. One that allows you to do it all in the privacy of your own thoughts. Unlike me, you come out of this with your dignity intact.

You don’t even have to break into your boss’ wardrobe.

No one has to know about it except us. You can admit it if you want or it can be our shameful secret.

And that’s okay. Playing make-believe will earn you respect… if you do it right, that is.

This technique is just one of many I cover that could boost your career. It’s definitely the most fun, though.

If you can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s faces when your skills jump a notch…

(… sometimes overnight…)

… then start reading and, more importantly, start practicing:


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