Why Professor X isn’t President X

If you’re sick of the idealism and contrivances in mainstream superhero stories, have you read Ruins?

It’s a dark take on the Marvel universe, set in its own timeline where everything went wrong.

Gamma rays didn’t turn Bruce Banner into the Hulk – they turned him into a bloated mass of meat.

The radioactive spider bite didn’t turn Peter Parker into Spider-man – it turned him into a sickly, mutated freak.

Magneto isn’t a nigh-unstoppable supervillain – he’s a walking time bomb, powerfully magnetic but unable to control it.

Most superheroes are dead or dying because their powers don’t work as they ‘should’.

One of the interesting variations – and maybe the only character who isn’t in perpetual agony – is President X. Rather than set up a school, Xavier becomes a ruthless and reclusive tyrant.

It sure makes for an interesting ‘what if’ story.

And maybe it’s more realistic.

If your DNA suddenly became scrambled and mixed up with a spider’s, how likely is that to make you stronger?

Same with most superhero origin stories.

But the whole Professor X/President X thing got me thinking. That sure is the darker outcome (which is the whole point of Ruins), but is it more realistic?

“Of course,” some of you say, “because the ability to control minds is power. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Sure, sure.

But Professor X’s abilities aren’t just about mind control.

He can read people, like no one else on the planet.

I imagine he could turn folks into puppets… but he is going to feel any suffering he causes. He can see what makes everyone special – wiping that out would be a loss to him.

Doesn’t absolute empathy redeem absolutely?

Something to think about.

And who knows. There’s probably something buried deep in the comics that shows how wrong I am.

I bring it up because many folks think of hypnosis as being like mind control. It doesn’t work like in the movies… and it certainly doesn’t work like Xavier’s powers.

But it’s more like it than many things out there.

You can use it to influence people in some strange and striking ways.

And the curious thing is the better you are at empathising, the more powerfully hypnotic you become.

I wish it were a perfect correlation – that the deeper hypnotic arts only show themselves to those pure of heart.

But it’s only a loose association. Given equal hypnotic skills, talent and training, the better empath will always outperform the poorer one. That doesn’t stop some ne’er-do-wells from misusing what they know.

I’m an optimist who believes in practical karma. If you do wrong by folks, using hypnosis or otherwise, eventually it catches up to you. And preying on people is a lonely, demeaning and difficult life to live.

Still, the correcting hand of karma is sometimes slow.

If you want to experience hypnosis, find someone you can trust. If you wouldn’t trust them with your car keys, don’t trust them with your mind.

So if you want to use hypnosis, become someone you can trust. Yes, putting someone into a trance can be a bit of a power trip. Trust me when I say there’s more power and better power waiting for you if you use it to do right by folks.

Anyway, enough sermonising.

I like hypnosis because it helps me help others. That’s what tickles my fancy. So take advantage of that and sign up for a session here.

(I recommend starting with the Neural Reset. It’s exquisite.)


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