Prophecies of doom/gloom aren’t quite my style

Yesterday, I wrote about how every social institution – including Western Civilisation itself – plants the seeds of its own annihilation.

The deranged optimist in me says this is all great. The only crises dirt-farming peasants face are wars and droughts. If our institutions are decaying, it means we have institutions in the first place.

Breathe deep and smile, because things are great.

Well… they’re not awful. For now.

And they’ll only stay not-awful if we fight for what we deserve.

Even better:

The solutions to these problems are simple. This isn’t me armchair governing – we already know the problems and what to do about them.

But they’re not easy.

That’s fine. People have fought, killed and died for a fraction of the liberties we enjoy. Compared to revolution, this is easy.

Compared to settling for a comfy status quo, it’s not.

This issue is dedicated to everything you can do, starting today, to revitalise everything that needs revitalising.

Don’t worry about what others will do. Focus on you, then lead by example, then speak out and take action.

Yes, in that order.

If you don’t have your shit together, your ability to save civilisation is exactly zero.

So let’s gather and organise our shit, shall we?

This month’s Phronesis Accelerator explores what you – yes, you, you lonely old individual – can do to fight back against the entropy lapping at civilisation.

Whatever you think the answer is, think deeper. These are bigger problems than you might realise.

Here’s you starting point:

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