Psychology’s dangerous hidden assumptions

I was recently reading some Bruce Tift – a therapist who merged Western psychology with Buddhism – and something he said jumped out at me.

He wanted to study to be a psychiatrist, but he couldn’t reconcile the teachings.

There was a pair of hidden (and very much untested) assumptions underlying every lecture:

The psychiatrist is sane.

The patient is, at best, neurotic. If not outright crazy.

And you wonder why talk therapy takes years to get a result, assuming it ever does…

#NotAllPsychiatrists, different strokes for different folks, YMMV and all the usual disclaimers. And this was a little while ago, so I’m sure teaching has come a long way since then.

But it reminds me of the time a psychologist told me it takes six months – at least – to treat a phobia. And that’s assuming the one with the phobia is properly motivated.

To which I have to wonder:

Who isn’t ‘properly motivated’ to treat a phobia? I hear they’re not exactly fun…

And have you seen the video of Igor Ledochowski treating a snake phobia in 20 minutes?

A woman was so phobic that thinking about snakes made her pass out, then she was fine in the length of a sitcom episode.

Permanently treated.

Hypnosis is a sophisticated mental tool. The field of psychology admits hypnosis is real and it works. Plenty of psychologists use it and study it.

And yet, the field is a little sluggish to fully admit what it’s capable of.

Of course it is – academia moves slowly.

(Even Harvard, who decades ago published the importance of body language in communication, barely teaches body language analysis to its psychologists…)

They’re coming round to the real power of hypnosis. The evidence is too strong to ignore. Still, it’s slow going.

That’s bad news for society as a whole but it’s okay for you. You can get well ahead of the curve by learning how to use hypnosis to improve your own life.

If you want enough practical, immediately applicable content to choke a horse, then you’re in luck. You can go from barely knowing you have a mind to expert self-hypnotist with nothing but everything at this link:

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