Qualifications don’t matter and you should get them

Qualifications don’t matter and you should get them

If you want to go places in business, you need to prove your worth. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder, your success depends on other people. Not a specific person as such, but more your ability to impress, intrigue and interest the right sort of people.

How do you do that?

You could demonstrate your skills in person.

You could write a book and share your expertise.

When people give you testimonials, you could bombard your prospects with your clients’ kind words.

You could focus on data, facts and claims you can prove.

Let’s not forget being likeable, professional and well connected.

These days, qualifications matter less than they used to. If you want to build rockets, you should probably have a degree. For most jobs, though, having a piece of paper from a fancy university doesn’t impress so much.

Qualifications don’t prove anything, unlike those strategies above.

You should still get as many certifications as you can.

See, while qualifications don’t prove anything, they do imply something.

If you’re talking to someone who knows your industry, they know the best schools. They might not be the most expensive programs or the ones with the best titles. They will be the ones who create the best leaders in the field.

Show you learned from the best and you’re instantly ahead of most people. Online schools offering $15 courses survive thanks to the quantity of students, not their quality.

If you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know you’re industry, it still impresses. The more certificates you hang on your wall, the more likely you’re a leader in your field.

Like I say, it doesn’t prove anything. Smart people won’t be fooled by a dozen worthless degrees. Qualifications from the right schools suggest you’re a professional, you’re ambitious and you can finish what you start.

This easy strategy bolsters the others, like networking.

And who knows, you might just learn something.

Let me guess, though:

Your time and energy are both finite resources, already stretched thin. Who has the capacity to go adding courses to their workload?

I’d say you better find the capacity.

But to make things a little easier for you, I offer you this.

There are ways your mind organises information. When you learn in harmony with this system, your recall and comprehension go through the roof. And, like your favourite song putting you in a good mood, you can engage this system just by listening.

Yep, that’s all it takes. Relaxing, listening, then getting down to work.

And if you want to give your best performance on the exams?

Well, I have that covered too. You can learn to enter any test with an easy, focused confidence that brings your best self to the task.

No more obsessing over “that question” you wish you could do over. You can take it easy, knowing you genuinely gave it your best.

You can learn it all here:


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