Is quantum hypnosis the real deal?

I see many hypnotists – and wellness practitioners of all kinds – invoking the Q-word in their art.

You might wonder – are they legit? Do they really work using quantum physics?

That’s too broad a question. Some of these folks clearly aren’t legit. They talk about how their concoction uses “quantum healing to synergise the electron energy flow through angelic DNA in conjunction with Holy Jupiter to perform feng shui on your neural aura…”

That is a word salad, randomly combining New Age concepts with stuff from physics and biology.

It’s easy to dismiss those practitioners as tapping into science’s brand, without having to muck about with science.

But let’s forget all that and focus on the more credible – or at least, more coherent – theories of quantum physics and hypnosis.

Before I begin, everyone has a different idea. I’m sure plenty of quantum hypnotists would get offended by my oversimplification and misrepresentation of their craft. Whatever – I can’t spare the word count to explore every possible sub-philosophy.

So here’s one I’ve seen many times, from quite different practitioners.

The other variations aren’t any more plausible than this.

The idea is this:

Science knows that, on the subatomic level, things are unpredictable.

If you throw a tennis ball at a wall, you can predict how it will bounce off it. If nothing else, you can predict it will bounce off it.

But if you did the same with an electron, you can’t. You can only talk in probabilities. Maybe it’ll go through the wall, maybe it’ll bank right for no reason, maybe it’ll spontaneously vanish and reappear somewhere else…

No matter how much you understand something, the future is always uncertain.

Science’s best guess as to how this works is the Many Worlds Theory. If an electron might go left or it might go right, both happen… but in different universes. Every possible outcome of every decision happens. If we see the electron go left, it means there’s a parallel universe/alternate timeline where it went right.

Sounds like sci-fi, I know. Quantum physics is strange enough that this is actually the least weird explanation.

So if you flip a coin and it lands heads, there are universes where you did the same and it landed tails.

All the above is what science is confident about.

Here’s where quantum healing comes in… and the science simply shrugs its shoulders and says to come back later:

According to quantum hypnosis practitioners, you can influence which timeline your conscious mind travels down.

There are universes where you’re sick and where you’re healthy.

Ones where you’re rich and ones where you’re struggling.

Happy versus unhappy.

Married versus lonely.

Etc, etc.

Somehow, unconsciously, you choose which path you go down.

This, they say, is how the placebo effect works. You take a sugar pill and, because you expect healing, your unconscious chooses a future timeline where you heal.

This raises many questions… like why would anyone choose to be sick or unhappy or whatever? That’s not a unique problem for quantum hypnosis – since the placebo effect is real, then people can, to some extent, ‘choose’ to be healthy or not.

The bigger wrinkles?

It’s impossible to test and there’s no known mechanism for how this might work.

My opinion – at least, as of this writing?

I sure hope it’s true. And maybe it is. But both consciousness and quantum physics are too mysterious to say, with any uncertainty, how either of them works, let alone how they work together.

It’s up to you whether that matters. A skilled quantum hypnotist will get you the results you need… whether that’s how it really works or not. Your mind loves working with metaphors – indeed, concepts like your unconscious are metaphors too. Quantum multiverses might just be the metaphor you need to choose your best future, no matter how that happens.

Here’s where it gets weird:

If you want quantum hypnosis from me, I can do it.

I know the techniques and I know how it’s supposed to work.

If the whole idea of quantum hypnosis is wrong, you’ll still unlock your unconscious’ potential. It’ll either be a literal process or a hypnotic story – either way, you get the results you need.

You can book me here:

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