Unusual ways to quit envying people

Unusual ways to quit envying people

I was trawling forums the other day and I came across a post from a young woman. She was sick of envying other people.

Her best friend is beautiful, while she is not. (Well, she says she’s not. I reckon she’s more gorgeous than she gives herself credit for.)

Her sister is a wonderful person, while she is not. (As above.)

Envying people never helped her, so she wanted to stop.

People gave her good advice:

Other lives always look good because we can’t see the struggle.

Envy is fine because it’s a sign you want something. Treat it as an invitation to work hard on yourself.

Ask other people what they admire about you.

All of that is great advice. I would make one tiny little alteration myself. I’d say something like: if you recognise something great in other people, why not take it for yourself?

When I say ‘take’, I don’t mean to deprive them of anything. How would you even take beauty or a wonderful personality from someone?

But you can copy it from them.

I love envy now, because I know how to cultivate in myself what I see in other people. I can take celebrities, heroes, role models, even fictional characters and learn from them.

Any attitude, personality trait and skill you can imagine is yours for the taking.

It’s not a substitute for working hard, of course. You can’t learn a new way of thinking without getting your hands dirty first.

But this does train your unconscious to be more like whatever it is you envy.

Best of all – this ‘training’ is ridiculously pleasant, like soaking in a warm tub.

And it’s just one of the exercises included in my self-hypnosis guide. Whether you’re an old hand or new to self-hypnosis, there’s something in there for you to learn.

You can grab it right here, as easy as that:


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