Quit smoking through psychology, not chemistry

Quit smoking through psychology, not chemistry

I was reading an article the other day that made me cringe. You know those different flavours you can enjoy while vaping? It turns out those chemicals are quite bad for you.

So bad, in fact, they might increase your risks of lung cancer.

I’d say it’s ironic but that’s simply frustrating.

It looks like there are a lot of people looking for chemical ways to quit smoking. That’s where there are patches, gums, supplements and, yes, vaping.

If they help you stop smoking, hey, good for you.

But what if you don’t want to trade one addiction for another?

What if you want to do right by your health and let your body flush out the nicotine?

And what if you want to take that cigarette money and spend it on something more useful?

Then I’d say to put chemistry to the side and focus on psychology. Because you could probably guess that placebo nicotine replacements work just as well as real ones, which means your mind is what quits smoking, not your body.

It goes further than that, though.

Most people who quit go through nicotine withdrawals. That’s because they’re used to the nicotine stimulating certain parts of the brain in specific ways. Without it, for them, those bits go unstimulated.

But the funny thing about the brain is it can stimulate itself.

Imagine warm sunshine on your face – really imagine it. Feel a gentle summer breeze and remember the smell of flowers. It only takes a few moments to begin to feel warmer, even just a little.

Think of the smell of coffee. If you’re a keen java drinker, that smell will remind your brain what caffeine does for you. You’ll start to feel more alert and awake before the beverage even touches your lips.

Now imagine your body and mind clear of nicotine. Your brain is back in balance, able to regulate itself without outside chemical assistance. You feel great, even without nicotine in your system.

This is how some smokers – even pack-a-day ones – can go cold turkey and skip the withdrawal symptoms.

You can’t spend all day imagining yourself clean and free of the habit, it’s true.

But your unconscious can. You just need to teach it to think this way first.


Well, it’s something hypnosis is amazing at.

And you can begin to quit smoking the smart way today – this hour, even – by downloading my at-home stop smoking hypnosis program.

It’s the easiest, funnest way to quit smoking – which compared to going it alone isn’t hard.

Here’s the link:


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