Ranging from fire to water

Dichotomies are like models – they’re wrong, but they’re useful.

Take light and shadow. Even the brightest object in the universe isn’t pure light – it could be brighter. Even the darkest corner of space could be darker. Thanks to quantum foam, nothing is ever truly devoid of light.

Still, it’s useful to think about light versus dark.

Here’s another metaphorical dichotomy:

Fire versus water.

A handy example of this is men compared to women in the bedroom. Men are like fire – we go from a spark to a blaze in little time, burn bright, then extinguish quickly. Women are more like water – it takes longer to bring them to the boil, but they stay there for longer.

If you want to get better in bed, you can learn to expand your range. When women can boil faster and men can burn longer, fascinating things happen.

This isn’t lovemaking advice, though.

This is life advice.

Where in your relationships, career and hobbies are you like water? Do you throw yourself into learning guitar for one glorious weekend, then put it away forever? Or do you pluck at the strings a little each day, too little to make any progress?

Do your friends and partners walk away from you feeling exhausted?

Or do they slink away bored by your tepid demeanour?

Fire and water.

When you can run the range, you can choose the right energy for the moment. Because, yes, some challenges require you to burn hot and bright in an intense, irresistible flash. Others require patience, almost stillness, like a stream carving a pattern down the face of a mountain.

You might have a preferred style – and that’s great! Equal parts fire and water give you something lukewarm and flat. Favouring one end of the spectrum and knowing how to span it gives you the best of both.

Take the tai chi symbol from Taoism – you know, the black-and-white yin/yang circle. It’s not a grey blob. The yin side is mostly yin, with some well-defined yang hidden inside of it. It’s the same going the other way. Each is its own thing, with access to some of the other.

That’s what makes them balanced.

And powerful.

If your life, loves or passions feel lukewarm…

… or an exhausting storm of enthusiasm that quickly burns out…

… or a painfully slow grind that gets you nowhere…

… then you need more range in your mind.

Hypnosis is a great way to introduce you to parts of you that are closed off. You have both fire and water in abundance in your unconscious. Hypnosis’ great strength is bringing unconscious material into conscious awareness.

Once you’re conscious of it, you can choose whether to use it or not.

The best way to start with hypnosis is with a Neural Reset. It’s simple, easy and powerful.

Consider another dichotomy – energising, inspiration and invigorating on one side; relaxing, calming and peaceful on the other. The Neural Reset shows it’s a false dichotomy by giving you more of both at once.

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