What does it take to reach this level?

What does it take to reach this level?

Every day, I write about hypnosis and meditation. I’ve do so for over six months and I’m not slowing down. If anything, my ideas and words flow faster every month. I could double my rate of posting if I wanted.

And, who knows, maybe I will someday.

What does it take to reach this stage? I have enough passion, knowledge and inspiration around improving the mind I can write about it every day. I also wrote books and created products. And this is in my “spare time,” since I work full time writing other things for other people.

How did I get here? And how can you know so much about your own thoughts you can ramble about them too?

Here’s how I did it. Individual results may vary.

It’d be easy to say the best way to learn to write is to write. It’s true and there’s more to it than that. I studied, practiced and developed my skills. Pecking at a keyboard is the best thing you can do but, if you’re serious about writing, it takes more than that.

I’m not going to focus on that, though. Let’s talk about how I found so much to talk about.

I spent more money than I’ll admit on hypnosis training products. Worth every cent. I’ve spent the last two years studying and practising a range of hypnotic arts.

I’ve flown half way round the world to study the workings of the mind. Once was to learn from one of the gentlest, most patient and most powerful people I’ve ever met. His approach was to calmly wait while you worked through your own issues. If that sounds weak, it wasn’t – he had grown, tough men in tears. Most people aren’t strong enough to bombard something with benign attention until their problems collapse – I know I struggle with it.

I once travelled for over 30 hours to learn from a former pick-up artist – one of the wisest and most insightful people I’ve ever met.

I practice and experiment on myself all the time. With consent, I practice and experiment on other people. I keep a log of how much time I spend working with non-hypnotists and it’s rising fast.

Expert marketers trained me in their secrets. It cost many hours of my life (and even more money) and it was worth it. Marketers have to know how the mind works, otherwise they go hungry. To take someone from “I don’t want this” to “I need this” – in someone who knows they’re reading an ad – takes genius knowledge of psychology.

I’ve devoured ancient Buddhist tomes. And confusing texts rambling about prana, chi or quantum bioelectric fields permeating the universe. I’ve studied the occult origins of the Law of Attraction and the military’s use of parapsychology.

My computer overflows with files about psychological warfare, military applications of hypnosis and blindsense training materials.

I’ve read books written by legendary psychologists, deranged lunatics and people who are both.

In the process, I’ve deliberately weakened my grasp on reality, my sense of self and my perceptions of the world.

This has been my mind training journey.

(So far.)

You could do the same, though I don’t recommend it. I’ve stared into the abyss and, honestly, without amazing teachers, I wouldn’t have come through it.

And I’m sure there’s another abyss or two in the future.

You can avoid all of that muck, though, and still get the benefits. I’ve waded through it so you don’t have to.

Any of my products will help you. I can teach you how to meditate like you never have before. Or I can show you the mindset that smooths the journey of your life.

But if you want to go beyond meditation and mindset hacks, then go here:


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