Reaching the Swamp Hag in your spare time

The Swamp Hag is an interesting figure.

She’s difficult to reach. Most folks who seek her out never reach her.

Once you do, the danger isn’t over. You have to be smart about the question you ask. You might get the answer you asked for but not the answer you need.

Does that make her wicked? I’m sure the intellectually lazy people of the village think so. They’d love for her to set up a stall next to the vegetable markets, so they can wander on over whenever they have a half-formed question.

That’s not how wisdom works, though.

Module 04 (of 19) in Monster Mind Edukaré is a list of podcasts. Each is five to 15 minutes long, which is great for tackling them in your spare time.

But the sound quality isn’t great and you’ll have to (gasp!) load them onto your phone yourself. If that second point is a problem – if a simple, one-off, manual task that you can do while eating dinner, watching TV or (if you’re brave) listening to your spouse talk about their day – then you won’t have the time to implement what you learn anyway.

It’s low tech and high impact.

And, sure, I could make it more convenient for you, just as the Swamp Hag could move her hut onto dry land. As far as I’m concerned, this is a feature, not a bug.

Anyway, back to the podcasts. Here’s the list of what you’ll get:

  1. Hypnosis Mythbusting
  2. Instant Relaxation
  3. The Memory Defuser
  4. How to Reclaim Thwarted Power
  5. The Resource Scan
  6. Using the World to Hypnotise You
  7. How the Body Heals the Mind
  8. Meditation without Meditating
  9. Positive Thinking without Wishful Thinking
  10. How the Mind Heals the Body
  11. Using Jealousy to Grow
  12. The Financial Placebo Effect
  13. Keep Mind Training Interesting
  14. The Secret to Easy Mind Training
  15. What Is (And Isn’t) Mind Training
  16. Brain Training vs Mind Training
  17. Rationality and Mind Training
  18. Intuition and Mind Training
  19. It’s Like Napping 50 Times a Day
  20. When Justice Eludes You
  21. When You Feel Self-Conscious
  22. When You Hate Your Job
  23. Grace Under Pressure
  24. The Surefire Self-Hypnosis Technique
  25. Hypnotising your Heart and Gut
  26. Ethical Manipulation
  27. The Superhero Secret to Longevity
  28. Left-brain Meditation
  29. What Happens in the Brain During Hypnosis?
  30. Train like a Mental Olympian
  31. How Much Mind Training is Too Much
  32. Falling Asleep During Meditation
  33. Mind Training as a Team
  34. How to Easily Stick With this Program
  35. How to Sleep on Aircraft
  36. The Dangers of Mind Training
  37. How to Know You Need Mind Training

There’s some good stuff in there.

Get your withered, wrinkled, claw-like hands around it here:

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