Real time, schmeal time

Real, physical time flows at a rate of one second per second. Short of accelerating to near lightspeed or mucking around with black hole-sized gravity waves, that’s not going to change.

Yet there’s such a thing as psychological time – the perceived flow of time.

Sometimes hours feel like minutes, as time evaporates before your eyes.

Other times minutes feel like hours, as each moment drags on.

Your conscious mind is pretty good at tracking the flow of moments. Time distortion is a sign your conscious mind is out for lunch.

When you’re bored, you zone out because there’s nothing to focus on. As such, time slows to a crawl.

When you’re excited and in the moment, time flies because there’s so much to engage with.

And then there’s the ultimate time distortion you (hopefully) experience every day: sleeping through the night. Eight hours can disappear in a flash.

Or if you take a nap, you can experience what feels like hours’ worth of dreams in ten minutes.

This is intense time distortion, and it’s while your conscious mind is at its most disengaged.

You can use this while fully conscious though. It’s one of the tricks I teach in Everyday Hypnosis (module 7 of 19 from Monster Mind Edukaré). If you’re even a little intrigued, you owe it to yourself to keep reading:

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