Reboot your nervous system for more greater resilience

It’s no surprise that difficult times can lead to stress, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

When stress becomes chronic, it affects anything and everything.

Your mood and mental state.

Your physical well-being.

In these times, your all-important immune system.

It can trigger or aggravate all sorts of dormant conditions.

But, as with everything involving humans, the full story is much more complicated. Difficult times don’t guarantee any of that. And good times can lead to chronic stress in some folk too.

It’s not all down to genetics, your mindset or your diet – although those all play a role.

Stress, no matter how intense, only becomes a problem when you don’t have a break from it.

Folks can survive, often even thrive, during some awful experiences. Every successful person has a moment where they were under so much pressure, other folk would have crumbled. And you probably have examples from your own life.

Even just a few moments a day could be enough to make a difference.

But how do you escape the stress, even for a moment, when you’re up to your neck in it?

Your body and mind have built-in mechanisms for it. You’re not supposed to run hot all the time – and this is a brilliant way to cool off.

And thanks to the power of hypnosis, I can get you there – deeper, quicker and easier.

I don’t always like analogies calling your brain a computer, but there’s one I adore:

Sometimes it runs better after a reboot.

So book yourself in for a reboot, now streaming to you live in the safety of your home.

Here’s how you book yourself in:

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