Why a recent hypnosis trend can’t hold a candle to the classics

Why a recent hypnosis trend can’t hold a candle to the classics

The last time I had a casual browse through the latest hypnosis research, I noticed something interesting. Normally the research talks about the usual stuff medical folk think about.

Managing chronic pain.

Reducing pre-surgery anxiety.

Improving post-surgery recovery.

And, of course, helping people change habits – like quitting smoking.

All great topics. And I was glad (and not surprised) to see research continues to give hypnosis the science stamp of approval.

But there was an interesting new trend:

Using virtual reality to induce trance.

Now, it’s a cool idea. With VR, you can use sight and sound. You can create all sorts of effects – binaural beats, flashing lights, whatever. A skilled hypnotist could combine this with their talents to create something amazing.

And the research shows it works. It’s especially great with kids – they love the technology and it loves them back, as it creates good results.

This fills a real need and I’m excited to see where it goes.


I have no plans to dabble in this technology.

Because as good as it is, it’s still 100% pre-recorded. It’s not dynamic. The subject has to conform to the hypnosis, not the other way round.

The way it’s been done since the first tribe figured out what staring at fire does for you.

When someone wants to quit smoking, I like to bring the big guns. I’d work with them in person if I could, but that’s not always practical. So I, yes, recorded a hypnotic smoking cessation program.

But before you go accusing me of hypocrisy, consider this:

I might not be there in the room with you.

But it is dynamic.

It’s not all sitting there with your eyes closed. It includes exercises, questionnaires and ways to customise how you listen to it.

The program includes everything I’d do if I were in the room working with you.

Only it’s a thousand times more convenient.

If you’re sick of the scrutiny smoking brings – those sideways smirks colleagues and strangers give you – then this is good news. You can break the smoking habit in the convenience of your home.

No expensive patches or gums.

No looking like a tool by vaping.

Simply quitting the natural way.

If you’re ready to show the world you’re stronger than they give you credit for, then go to this link:


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