What’s the recipe for motivation?

What’s the recipe for motivation?

Recently, I read that the higher up a hierarchy someone is, the more likely they are to conform. It’s a strange thought. You don’t rise to the top of a corporation or the military by blending in, yet once you’re there, your personal life matches those around you.

Rich executives often drive the same car, live in the same sorts of homes and belong to the same clubs.

You might be able to think of counterexamples. So can I. It’s a trend, not a rule – and what a strange trend it is. Reaching the top requires boldness, drive and a strong sense of your own identity. You’d think the leaders of these organisations would be the least likely to conform to any group.

And it got me thinking…

I wonder how much of life involves resolving apparent paradoxes.

In my opinion? The more successful you strive to be, the more you have to do two opposing things at once:

You need confidence and humility, plus logic and creativity. You need to wield an iron fist inside a velvet glove. Mastery and service. Taking care of yourself and looking after others.

My recipe for motivation is exactly the same way. It takes two contradictory things at once. Get the balance right and you’ll burn with enthusiasm. Struggle to hold both in your head and you won’t.

What is the paradox you need to master?

I explain it all in this month’s Awakened Thought – what it is and how to do it.

But the (unsurprising) problem with this month’s issue is it won’t be around next month. If you don’t download it before February, it’s gone – maybe forever.

And here’s another paradox: if you’re unmotivated, you procrastinate, which means you’ll miss the chance to unleash your motivation right now.

Or you could break that pattern.

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