This webpage will save you from reddit ridiculousness

I sometimes browse (and even more rarely, post to) reddit’s hypnosis channel. Occasionally I learn something about hypnosis. More often, I learn something about what folk think about it.

There are many juicy ingredients in this subreddit stew.

Like the folk looking for a quick fix.

You can spot them a mile away. They post things like “I want to learn instant inductions and covert hypnosis” with no context. There’s no point engaging with them – if they’re too lazy to explain what they want, (or even articulate what they want, because those are wildly different things,) then they’re too lazy to learn them.

Then there are those who want definitions, labels and boundaries. They ask “is this hypnosis???” or “what is a trance?”, then get confused as everyone tells them something different.

Hypnosis is one of those things that’s best experienced first, then defined. And feel free to skip the second step. It’s like fretting over the exact meaning of love, rather than allowing yourself to simply enjoy it.

Then there are folk who dabbled in free hypnosis that broke their brain, and now they want help. These people need the eighth P in The 8P System. All I ask in exchange for that is your email address – not quite free, but as close to it as you can trust.

But enough about all those folk.

I want to talk about the juiciest ingredient of all.

It’s folk asking whether hypnosis works for their problems.

“Does hypnosis help with heartbreak?”

“Does it work for weight loss?”

“How about anxiety?”

Then they get to hear from people who “read a lot about hypnosis”.  And who think they’re experts because of it.

Or if they phrase the question slightly poorly, they could trigger a flamewar.

Maybe you’ll even get a clear yes or no… but without any explanation as to how or why it works.

Either way, yawn.

You can feel confused or bored to the point of passing out if you want.

Or you could skip the online cesspools and go straight to this page, bookmark it and breathe a deep sigh of relief. It’ll answer your question with a simple yes or no, explain why hypnosis works, then lay out your next step.

It couldn’t be easier. All you need is to follow this link:

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