How to get a refund for Monster Mind Edukaré

Monster Mind Edukaré looks like a major investment of time. Why do I say “looks like”? Well, because it will easily take you six months or more to work through the material.

It’s self-paced, and everyone starts from a different place.

It can also look like a major investment of money. But, again, this will keep you ticking along and improving for yonks.

Really, it’s excellent value. I should – and probably will – charge much more for it.

Still, I get it. It’s a lot of money.

So you might be curious about my refund policy.

I’m proud to say it’s the best in the business. I happily and eagerly comply with Australian Consumer Law – probably the strictest on the planet. What this means for you is total piece of mind. If Monster Mind Edukaré is faulty, different from what’s advertised or not fit for purpose, I have to make it right.

Either it works as a reasonable person would expect, or I have to replace or refund it.

Other than that…?

No luck, pendo. All sales are final.

This is a feature, not a bug. I’ve spent a lot of coin on programs like this. I know what it’s like. It’s exciting to make the purchase – the thrill of newfound potential.

Then you see how much work lies ahead of you and enthusiasm freezes.

That’s not a problem for me anymore, thank goodness. Now, when I buy something like this, I follow through and complete it.

But there was a time where I would have bailed and chased a refund.

I’m not going to let you do that to yourself. Once you commit, you’re committed. I’m burning the boats behind you. You either return from your mind as a conqueror or not at all.

You’re welcome.

And if that’s a problem for you?

If you refuse to buy anything without knowing you can safely retreat from it?

No worries. I wish you well on your quest, but your money ain’t any good here.

I cater to serious folk only. What, you don’t think I could have made Monster Mind Edukaré much smaller, more palatable and less intimidating? Of course I could have – but not without making it less effective too.

Oh, well.

If the scale of it intrigues or excites you, then let me hook you up. If not, enjoy searching for someone who sells to the timid and insincere. You’d better not click this link, that’s for sure:

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