How to rein in Big Pharma

I know a lot of people are concerned about Big Pharma. And maybe ‘concerned’ is a light word. They’re horrified by what they see in the medical community these days.

New drugs created to treat fake conditions.

Marketing, kickbacks and misinformation – all aimed to get doctors to overprescribe.

An opioid epidemic.

Patent trolls buying the rights to cheap medicine and jacking up the price a million percent.

Sure, many drugs coming out of Big Pharma save lives. And they have a right to earn a profit for doing so – that’s capitalism, baby.

But we see a lot of stuff that goes against the public’s good.

Even so, we should keep in mind one service they provide:

I read an article about how pharmaceutical companies are weakening the grip of organised crime. In countries like China that are seeing a massive economical boost, drug companies are moving in to sell basic over-the-counter painkillers.

This simple act wipes out the demand for black market painkillers and even some recreational drugs, which is a major source of income for many syndicates.

So we have to thank Big Pharma for taking out groups even worse than them.

And that little example holds the key to reining them in.

What if you could find a natural alternative to what they offer? Wouldn’t that wipe out the demand, and therefore profit, from selling harmful, less useful drugs?

This article isn’t medical advice. I’m not qualified to offer medical opinions, and all such advice needs to take into account your circumstances.

But I will say, in general, some people take drugs they don’t need.

Let’s say someone has chronic headaches. They could pop a pill and suppress the pain… when maybe all they need is to adjust their posture.

Or someone who takes anxiety meds when all they need is a mindset adjustment.

Again, this isn’t medical advice. And this isn’t true of everyone who takes these.

But it’s true enough.

So if you want to stay one step out of Big Pharma’s reach, you should learn to change your own neurochemistry. After all, that’s all the drugs do. And when you do it yourself, there’s no risk of overdose, no chance of addiction and few, if any, side effects.

And you’re better off learning that now, rather than when you need it.

A tall order?

Impossible, even?

Not according to neuroscience. Many mind training disciplines give you this level of inner control.

Here’s my favourite:

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