Reincarnation, genetic baggage, photocopier queues and other useful nonsense

You might have heard this notion before in your time:

“Emotional trauma takes seven lifetimes to naturally dissipate. Part of the work of being alive is working through this baggage – yours and others – so you don’t pass it on.”

I know, I know – you’re probably sceptical. Before you stop reading, let me say that I doubt this is an accurate model of reality.

You might even be extra sceptical of that ‘seven’ in there. Untrue factoids often have that number in it, like the one about men think about boinking every seven seconds.

But let’s pretend that it’s true.

I’ve heard people say this works via reincarnation – that you’re working through the traumas of your past lives. I’ve also heard people suggest this on a biological level. We know that emotions can alter your DNA, so maybe you pass on your great-grandmother’s unresolved issues to your great-grandchildren.

Hey, I said ‘maybe’. It hinges on a lot of unproven science, but it’s not impossible – merely unlikely.

But like I said, let’s pretend it’s true. If it helps, I’m talking about a hypothetical alternative to our world.

What would this mean?

For one thing, it means you’re not solely to blame for all that stuff in your head. That’s great because blame isn’t useful. The next time you feel anxious, angry or self-destructive, you can shrug, say it’s baggage from another life and move on.

For another, it gives you a reason to sort your manure out. Many folks refuse to face their issues because they’re afraid. Most of them are too afraid to even admit they’re too afraid.

They say things like how they don’t want to be perfect, it’s no big deal and it’s just a quirk.

Under this model, that’s selfish. You’re inflicting your wounds on all the lives that follow yours.

Sort your manure out for them, if not for you.

Now, here’s why this is cool, even if all of that is nonsense:

The brain loves explanations. Give someone a reason for something and they’ll more likely agree to it.

This has been studied and replicated to the point of nausea. If you ask someone who’s about to use a photocopier, “can I use the copier first?”, then some will let you and some won’t. If you say “can I use the copier first because I’d like to make some copies?”, they’re much more likely to agree.

It’s a nonsense explanation, but our brains crave explanations of any kind. It takes more than craving an explanation to believe it, but it doesn’t hurt.

I mean, what is the placebo effect, of not an explanation about healing that’s wrong but still works?

Sure, true explanations are preferable to lies for obvious reasons. But it’s like how a drowning person will grab a thorny vine. A rope would be better, but the vine is better than nothing.

My point is this:

I know that signing up for my coaching program will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. I’ve cleared emotional blocks, shattered limitations and empowered people to become their best… all in a single conversation.

What I can do given enough time is sensational.

But some of you will hide behind your excuses – like it’s ‘too expensive’ or you ‘don’t have the time’. It’s less costly than keeping things as they are and you know it. That life you dream of living one day? That’s worth millions to you.

So let me offer this useful nonsense as an explanation for you:

There’s a non-zero chance that Platinum Coaching will spare you and six other people – who are either your kin or your future selves – from your issues.

And if I’m wrong?

Then you’ll only have made your life better for you and everyone around you.


If you still think it’s worth it ‘just’ for that, then sign up here:

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