How to reinvent yourself

If you’re stuck in a rut, needing a career change or sick of your current life, then you can change it.

It’s not easy, of course.

But you can do it.

I’ll even offer you two approaches:

The easy way is to move to a different country, learn a new skill, find new friends and change every detail about yourself.

Yes, that’s the easy way.

Think back to an analogy I love to use so much. Once a hunter learns tigers like to hide in a certain kind of grass, that grass will always terrify them.

They won’t have to think about it.

They won’t choose to feel fear.

It’s automatic.

Your environment is full of a thousand things like that. The sight of your bed makes you feel comfortable. Your dirty dished make you feel anxious. The dance shoes by the door make you think of dancing.

And so on, times a thousand.

Your unconscious mind takes cues from its environment and automatically runs mental habits.

These mentals habits are ‘you’. They’re your personality, your perspective.

Your life.

Change the environment and you change which mental habits fire. Over time, the neglected ones weaken, new ones form and your whole life changes.

The other way – the harder way – is to change your mental habits directly.

You can force a habit to change, like forcing yourself to skip the glass of wine with dinner. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

But for thousands of changes at once?

You can’t force that – your conscious mind can’t track it all.

You have to invite your unconscious to change.

Sound difficult?

Or abstract?

Or a little too New Age for your tastes?

Don’t worry, the science behind this is rock solid. There ain’t no controversy to teach.

Just nice, simple, neurological principles.

Which you can learn right here:

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