What every religion claims (and fails) to do for you

What every religion claims (and fails) to do for you

I’m not going to do the cliché thing here. I could talk about how Western medicine is incredible and lifesaving, which it is. I could then talk about how strange and unfortunate that Western civilisation neglects so much.

Our bodies might be healthy but our minds, communities and social ties are in disrepair.

If I really wanted to lay it on thick, I’d chuckle mournfully at the irony of our times. Social media was supposed to bring us together. Instead, we’re lonelier than ever.

I won’t blame technology – the same that puts my words in front of your eyes – for the loneliness plaguing society.

And I stand by that word – plaguing. Loneliness causes so many health afflictions it’s ridiculous. If they sold genuine social connection as a pill, they’d call it a wonder drug. There’s no physical or mental ailment it doesn’t help.

But here’s why I won’t blame technology. It’s not the enemy and religion is not the answer – even though it claims it is.

Here’s your raw truth:

On some level, loneliness is your fault.

I get it, I get it. No one chooses to be lonely and there are always circumstances beyond your control. I accept that, up to a point.

Because there is always something you can do.

So many people feel alone right now because it’s a nasty spiral. It saps your motivation and charisma, which makes it harder to go out there and connect.

And so what. Vicious cycles were made to be broken.

The great thing about your conscious mind is it can override automatic thoughts. You can, as they say, fake it til you make it. You can dust yourself off, head out into the world and wear your best smile.

One day a week or one day a month, it doesn’t matter. With raw effort, you can disrupt your own spirals.

And you should. If not for you, then for the rest of us. Everyone wants more amazing people in their lives, so be amazing.

You can do all that consciously.

And it could work.

Or you could do it unconsciously. Change beneath the level of your awareness. Do that and you’ll transform yourself easily and naturally.

Not sure how to do that?

No worries. One of the gifts for Awakened Thought members is a guide to connection. Sure, it has some content to keep your conscious mind happy. But the real juice comes from the unconscious changes you’ll experience just by reading it.

You can get your friendly little fingers on it here:


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