Relive the Best Parts of your Best Experiences

There are certain moments in my life that stand out as highlights.

Truly special, exceptional times.

These moments are more than just happy memories. I’m fortunate to have plenty of those. What makes these stand out is how far beyond “happy” they are.

They are moments of power, connection, hope and possibility.

They involve deep connections with others.

And deep connections with myself.

Like one awesome summer at the end of high school. I grew up in a town called Port Macquarie – an idyllic beach getaway on Australia’s east coast. There was a month or so where I was free from exams, from school, even from my parents for the first time.

It was an amazing time – unlike anything I’d experienced before.

Year later, on a distant beach, I married the love of my life and spent our honeymoon in gorgeous Vanuatu. I’ll never forget snorkelling among enormous tropical fish, packed so deeply you can’t avoid touching them.

A few months ago, I walked along the Thames in London, my head bursting with more possibilities than I had dared dream before. I had flown from Australia to the UK – literally the other side of the world – for a seminar that is still blowing my mind to this day.

These moments, plus dozens of others, scattered along the timeline of my past.

I’m grateful to have experienced each one.

Even better, I can re-experience them whenever I want or need.

You can do this too.

In fact, it’s easier than you think.

And more powerful than anything you’ve experienced before.

Here’s how you can experience it for yourself:

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