Remember when Rick and Morty made folk stupid?

Remember when Rick said he was obsessed with the limited run of that McDonalds dipping sauce – the one that was part of a Mulan promotion?

(For any kids reading this – which there probably isn’t but anyway – I mean the animated Mulan from decades ago.)

So then folk also decided they wanted this sauce too.

So McDonalds recreated a batch of it, available in select stores.

Only there was a mismatch of supply and demand. Some folk waited hours to get theirs; others never got any even after that long.

And then folk got upset by being promised Szechuan dipping sauce and not getting it.

Remember that?

I do, because this story – and any story like it – reminds me that a lot of folk don’t seem too ambitious.

Not gonna lie – I’m intrigued by this sauce. I don’t remember trying it the first time round. If I did, I would have been painfully young at the time.

But I’m not intrigued enough to spend any time on it.

I’ve got things to do, you know?

This isn’t me bragging about how “busy” I am. Everyone is busy, and most folk are busy with pointless stuff. Honestly, I could work a lot harder than this. I choose to strike a balance between churning out stuff and goofing off.

But by goof off, I don’t mean arbitrarily want dipping sauce because a cartoon said so.

Anyway, why am I rambling about this?

If you think you’re capable of doing more with your mind…

But you find yourself distracted, maybe even outraged, by trivial nonsense…

… then I invite you to keep reading. It might just change your life.

Here’s the link for an intriguing opportunity:

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