Rules in hypnosis are like rules in English

Spelling in English can be tricky.

I’m sure you’ve heard the handy rhyme to help you remember this rule:

I before E
Except after C,

Unless the sound’s “ay”
Like “neighbour” or “sleigh”,

Exceptions to these
Include “science” and “seize”.


That’s not so much a rule as it’s… nothing. It’s nothing.

Similarly, consider this process on how to hypnotise someone:

  1. Get their attention
  2. Put them in a trance
  3. Create some useful, long-lasting change
  4. Bring them out of trance
  5. Test and/or reinforce the change

If you’re new to hypnosis, it pays to follow this process.

If you have some experience with hypnosis, you’re struggling to make it work for someone or you’re bored, you can randomise the order of those steps.

Yes, I said randomise.

You can bring someone out of trance before putting them into it.

You can ratify changes before you create them.

If you know enough hypnosis, you can see how.

It doesn’t stop there. You can delete any of those steps and still make hypnosis work – even Step 2.

Like spelling in English, the rules are better than nothing, but you can’t master the field until you discard them.

What do spelling and hypnosis have in common? Why should both of these have such relaxed approaches to the rules?

Because human brains are wonderfully messy, dynamic, weird and powerful. Your brain can hold contradictory rules in your head and not explode because reality is messy, dynamic, weird and powerful too.

It’s the only way we can function in such a complex and absurd world.

So, you might think exercise ‘isn’t for you’.

You might not like it. In fact, you might actively loathe it.

You wished you could enjoy it, though. That would make staying healthy, focused and energetic easy.

Well, guess what?

There’s no rule in your brain that says you have to be this way. You can change, quickly and easily, until you love exercising.

Until you crave it.

That’s what Motion Mind is all about. Your mind has a natural craving for movement. If you don’t like working out, then some other rule is running interference with it.

So change the rules.

Or outright ignore them.

Get the result you want right here:

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