May Your Sales Letters Flow like the Trance State

May Your Sales Letters Flow like the Trance State

As I write these marketing guides for hypnotists, I’m finding more and more links between the two disciplines.

Here’s another neat one:

When hypnotising someone, everything you do builds towards an outcome. You may or may not know what that outcome is at first. Sometimes it takes a little exploring, and that’s okay. Let’s say you’re going for a classic smoking cessation outcome.

You put them in a trance to be open to the idea of quitting smoking.

You give them direct suggestions to quit smoking.

Indirect suggestions reinforce the idea of quitting smoking.

Stories, metaphors and a deep trance state bypass the part of them that wants to keep smoking.

You build and anchor resourceful states to help them quit smoking.

And on and on…

Everything you do supports your outcome. They are different approaches, used in their own time, all around the one critical idea.

This is the test to see whether you’re artfully distracting them or going off track. If it helps them quit smoking, then keep doing it until it doesn’t.

A good sales letter does the same thing. It has a core idea. Every element, from the headline to the offer, supports this idea.

Anything irrelevant or too distracting gets cut.

To stay on theme, let’s say you’re selling your smoking cessation program. What’s your core idea? Maybe that your approach works. Perhaps it’s the best way to quit. Or is it the easiest, cheapest or most fun?

Find some idea that captivates your target market. Let’s say that it’s the best approach to quitting.

Then your headline needs to say this.

As do your testimonials.

So does every subheading and concise body of text underneath them.

Your offer does, too.

Everything aligns with everything else, all pointing in the same direction.

You might think this is obvious – that everyone would do this. The truth is that it’s easy to start combining ideas. You start talking about how good you are at hypnosis. Then you talk about how good hypnosis is at solving your problem. That leads to how effective your program is, how easy it is, how fun it is…

Soon your potential client has no idea what you’re talking about.

I’m not saying you can’t add these ideas in. Just make sure they feed directly into the core idea. Your program is the best because it’s fun. Your program is the best because you have two decades’ experience in this field.

Like a piece of hypnotic changework, variety is great… so long as you control it.

Your core idea is one of the most important elements. It’s the backbone of your marketing and the thing that’ll get potential clients excited.

It defines the pulse, rhythm and groove of your offer.

The best part is that, when you get this right, choosing the words becomes easier.

But how clear is your idea to you?

Are you certain that this is the best hook for turning readers into clients?

Well, my friend, you don’t need to be. Not when you’re part of a team, at least. Let someone else handle the market research and converting it into an irresistible offer. After all, shouldn’t you focus on what you’re best at doing?

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