How to see through your own alternative facts

How to see through your own alternative facts

I like the smell of some cigarettes. Definitely not all – as much as I like smokers as people, the layer of noxious and obnoxious smoke makes me cringe. Some of them smell different from the others, though. Nice, even.

This came back to me the other day as I kept walking behind someone’s desk. Their thick, green jacket – draped over the back of the chair – hit me with a whiff every time I walked past.

It was lovely. I should have asked what brand he smoked, because it smelled classy (as opposed to toxic).

The funny thing is that I’m not a smoker. I never have been. I’ve maybe smoked 20 cigarettes in my life. My vices tend to be cheaper and less stinky.

So why am I waffling about my habits?

Because occasionally a smoker will say they won’t quit because they like the smell. It’s not a common reason but I’ve heard it. I see it more in sitcoms, where the loveable oaf who’s trying to quit savours second-hand smoke wherever he can get it.

It makes sense that you’d associate the odour with something you enjoy – the act of smoking.

But not to be all contrarian on you…

I’m proof that you can like the smell and not smoke. Besides, if that were your real reason for smoking… well, there are cheaper, easier, more socially tolerated ways to get your olfactory fix.

The smell is not a reason to smoke. It’s bull plop.

So is that it helps you “relax”. That’s scientifically impossible. What seems like relaxation is nothing more than (some of the) cigarette toxins leaving your system. It stresses you out then returns you to normal, which only seems relaxing in the moment.

And it doesn’t help you socialise. Right or wrong, fair or not, people see smoking as weakness. It doesn’t help you make friends.

But you probably have reasons I haven’t covered.

Hold your horses – I cover your alternative facts, all right. And once you see them for what they really are, quitting will be so much easier for you.

You can find the list of excuse-destroyers, with their full explanations, the same place you find all the audios you need to quit forever. With disciplined listening, your odds of leaving behind your alternative facts have never been higher:

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