What Seinfeld’s nemesis can teach you about success

What Seinfeld’s nemesis can teach you about success

I’ve been rewatching Seinfeld recently. It’s a genius show – how else could four characters generate enough content for nine seasons? Even though society has changed – mobile phones, let alone smart phones, solve a lot of the problems – the writing still snaps as sharply today as ever.

It’s one of the few shows where an episode here or there is making me smarter.

And I’m seeing it in a whole new light, thanks to the behind the scenes interviews.

(Yes, I bought the box set. Can you blame me?)

Because I learned something fascinating about the character of Seinfeld’s greatest nemesis.

I am, of course, talking about Newman.

See, for one episode, they needed a friend of Kramer’s. They’d mentioned Newman before, so they dusted off the character and gave him a face.

And the face they gave him was Wayne Knight’s.

Newman was supposed to be a throwaway character – there for one episode. But Wayne was just so… strange, so intense, so easy to despise, they couldn’t ignore him.

There’s a lesson in all of this:

Small opportunities can become big ones.

Temporary roles can become permanent.

And if you’re a fan of a show – like Wayne was with Seinfeld – you can become an iconic part of it.

There really are no limits, once you learn to trust your instincts and follow opportunities.

Now, I don’t know anyone else offering training in this. Seizing opportunity seems like something you either do… or don’t.

Here’s how you can make it something you do.

Practice these exercises. Even the “simplest” ones are incredibly powerful.

Then keep practicing.

It all starts here:


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