Self-control or mind control?

Hypnosis is incredibly powerful.

With it, you can rewrite your mind to erase phobias, resolve emotional scars, accelerate your learning, become more focused and confident, and perform better at sports.

In fact, that’s a fraction of what it can do.

Given enough time and hypnotic skill, I’m not sure what you can’t do. Could it be like taking that super nootropic from Limitless? I doubt it, but who knows.

Which means you can use it to learn to love exercise…

Well, doesn’t that seem anti-climactic?

Surely such powerful tools should only be used for world-changing results…

Remember that the next time you use your smartphone – a supercomputer connected to a global network of communications and information – to look at cat pictures.

Besides, I only teach you a few basic self-hypnosis techniques in Motion Mind. They’re good enough for learning to love exercise, but not so complex it’ll take you years to master them.

In fact, you might be able to do each of the drills without needing to practice.

Some of you will need to do them a few times.

Others won’t have done anything like this… but it’ll come naturally to you anyway.

The secret gym junkies share is that it doesn’t take discipline or willpower for them to exercise. They do it because they want to. In fact, they’d rather work out than not – when they go without it for too long, they miss it.

If that’s what you’d like too, then use a little mind control to make yourself think like that here:

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