What most self-help junkies get wrong

What most self-help junkies get wrong

I spend time in a lot of self-help forums. They’re busy places. Whether you call it that, personal development, self-improvement or whatever, you are not alone if you’re hungry to improve your life.

You’re also not alone if you make mistakes with it.

Massive mistakes.

These are things that most self-help junkies do – myself included. I’ve learned the hard way how costly these blunders are.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a quick online course or an expensive seminar. Get this wrong and you’ll fail when people will challenge you. As you beam with excitement over your latest learnings, your friends and family will smile and nod. Then they’ll ask how you’ve changed.

A reasonable question, given how important transformation is to you.

But if you approach it how most people do, you can’t answer them. You think about it and realise you haven’t changed at all. You gathered some impressive knowledge, sure, but knowledge is useless.

Skills, talents, perspectives – those are what you dreamt of building. Not a hoard of mental curiosities.

When this used to happen to me, I’d panic at first. I’d realise I’ve wasted my time. All that effort spend studying, with nothing to show for it.

So I’d focus on one aspect of the learning that sounds cool and mention that, while hoping no one realised I was full of it. “I learned to be more confident,” I’d say while trembling inside.

When most people say their latest self-help stint helped them, they’re lying to themselves. It’s either that or face the ridicule of lazy people who never even try to change.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. A while ago, I learned how to make personal development work for me. Now when I learn something, I truly learn it – not as trivia, but as a new way of operating.

I wouldn’t need to grasp at straws when people asked me about the training.

In fact, people wouldn’t ask me about it. Instead, they’d notice something was different about me. Some ineffable quality in the way I spoke to them.

Maybe I was calmer or more focused.

Perhaps I was relaxed, happy and confident.

Real change can be hard for you to notice… and impossible for others to ignore.

I’ve woven these principles into my own mind training program. Follow each lesson as instructed and you’ll become so much more.

Maybe you’ll stand out in a crowd. Maybe not. But people who know you will notice the change. They’ll unconsciously sense some improvement to your mind. Your character will shine through the fog – brighter and more brilliant than they’ve ever seen.

Again, only if you put the work in and follow the lessons. It’s no magic pill and it won’t put in the effort for you.

But something tells me you’re happy to work towards something great. Who else would read something like this?

You need to get your skates on, though:

Every month, this page changes. Sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. Either way, the sooner you act, the more value you get from this.

You could wait for later. You’ll get less from this then. I designed it to reward everyone who takes initiative and acts. Anyone who delays gets less out of it.

(Just like with everything else.)

If you’re ready for more, then here’s the link for you:


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