Self-hypnosis by cosmic overload

Self-hypnosis by cosmic overload

The goal of self-hypnosis is to communicate directly with your unconscious. That’s not an easy thing to do, as your conscious mind can interfere.

That’s one of its roles – to protect you, even from yourself.

This is why these techniques need to be used with care. Use self-hypnosis for changes you’re sure you want…

Anyway, here’s one such technique for you. It bypasses the conscious mind beautifully, giving you direct access to your inner mind.

And from there, you can change all sorts of things.

To get the conscious mind happily out of the way for a moment, you can do all sorts of things. You can soothe it, charm it, confuse it, distract it…

Or you could simply overload it.

Critical thinking takes a lot of energy. It’s a powerful muscle, but one you can tire out. Once it’s tired, you have little choice but to slip nicely into a pleasant trance.

Here’s one way I used on myself, quite by accident, recently:

Imagine the world as it is. This enormous planet, with more in any corner than you could explore in a thousand years. This bubble contains all of human history and every form of life that we know of.

Earth is a tiny planet in our solar system. Jupiter is over 11 times larger. Our entire world looks like a small moon next to it.

And of course the Sun is bigger than that. It’s about ten times larger than Jupiter again, dwarfing everything else in the solar system.

Keep that scale in mind.

Sagittarius-A* is a supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy. It’s over four million times heavier than the Sun. Imagine if it were a planet like Earth, just how much life and history you could fit on it.

The Milky Way, made of hundreds of billions of stars, is hundreds of thousands of times heavier than Sagittarius-A*. Each star is like an island, many with their own planets, each with its own unique system of planets, asteroids and exotic bodies.

And the Milky Way is one galaxy. We primitive apes, without leaving our planet, have observed two trillion other galaxies… meaning there’s probably a lot more out there than that.

Two trillion galaxies.

The universe is big.

I dare you to hold the scale of it in your mind.

When you reach your mental limit, know you can sink back gently into a nice trance. Overload your conscious mind and that’s what’s waiting for you.

It’s not a typical self-hypnosis technique, perhaps.

But it might be the perfect one for you, right now.

If you enter a trance, though… then what? What do you do with it?

Ah, well, you’d probably like a book bursting at the seams with what to do in trance.

Happy to oblige, fellow cosmonaut.

Here’s your link:

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Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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